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Relaxing at TSM, FonthillTown Square Manor is much more than a place to live; it is a community. It was founded by the Fonthill community in 2001, and it has itself become a community of people who know and care about one another. People have moved to Town Square Manor for a variety of reasons. Some have come to be free from the cares and stresses of home ownership. Some have come for the safe environment and the security of being near family and friends. Some have come for the pleasant surroundings and the benefits of small town living.

When the residents of Town Square Manor look back on their decision, they know that investing themselves and their resources in this community was a wise thing to do. In the heart of Fonthill, life lease retirement living at Town Square Manor is a great way to enjoy the best of what this community has to offer.

Life Lease living is independent living in that residents have their own suites. Yet residents can also take advantage of the many common features including a lounge and kitchen in which they can entertain family and friends. An active volunteer committee arranges a varied program of events which is open to all who live here.

The many advantages of Town Square Manor include:

The development was created by a local Christian, Ecumenical community, namely:

Each church continues to support the work of the Corporation by appointing two directors to the Board.


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