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Brief History


The Corporation received its letters patent on February 27,1990 and the founding directors were:

Allan Blackmore 
Judith Bridgeman
 Dr. James Dixon
Malcolm Gibbon
Rev. James Manuel
Wray Tighe

Town Square Manor

Breaking Ground Ceremony
October 12, 2000

An Act of Commitment- Rev. David Browning, Rev. James Manuel, Rev. Frank Walker

This is a day of thanksgiving to God.  Today we begin a project that is more than the dream of men and women.  From the earliest moment, this work has bee seen as an inspiration from God, and a compassionate response to recognized need.  Our mission is to build not just a building, but a community.  We intend to erect a residence, which will become home in the deepest sense to those who come to live here.  Our fervent hope is that god will empower us tom create a comfortable and secure environment that will grow to be a centre of neighbourliness and mutual caring.

Scripture reminds us that unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it.  To this work are brought the vision and energies of three of the churches of the Town of Pelham, and the good will of the whole local Christian community.  This enterprise continues to be bathed in prayer, and to call forth from us all our best endeavours in order to see it to completion.  To this we pray God’s direction and blessing, so that all our efforts may glorify him.


In October 2001 the first residents moved in. and on November 1, Harland Young was retained as Property Manager and Glen Wurfel as Building Superintendent.  They continue to serve the Corporation to this day.

The official Opening Ceremony was held February 2nd 2002 and on April 5, 2002 the new Board of Directors included the first resident directors: Jim Davis, Ken Kirkpatrick, and Nancy Rilstone. Since that time a total of 9 resident directors and 22 community directors have faithfully served the community.


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Town Square Manor
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