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Our Suites


Our one and two bedroom suites range in size from 735 to 1113 square feet.

All suites include:


Items covered by the Monthly Fee:

  1. heating costs
  2. property tax
  3. water and sewage tax
  4. electricity in common areas
  5. general building repair
  6. building services
  7. elevator maintenance
  8. grounds upkeep - landscaping / snow removal
  9. security
  10. social activities
  11. administration fees
  12. insurance: property, directors and officers
  13. replacement reserve fund


Maintenance and Repair to Units
Items currently covered by the monthly fee are:

  1. unit air mover (furnace): clean and/or replace filters; A/C drip pans; motors
  2. controls as relate to unit heating system
  3. air conditioner: maintenance, repairs and replacement
  4. plumbing: toilet/shower/kitchen taps - all tap cartridges, toilets: floats, flapper, handles (not toilet seats), obstructions: natural blockage - no charge, caused by foreign objects - charge to resident
  5. exhaust fans: kitchen/bathroom - checked/cleaned
  6. door hardware - check/repair/lubricate
  7. light fixtures - assisting/changing light bulbs; all unit fluorescent lights
  8. wall sockets/switches replaced
  9. annual inspection of heat and smoke detectors
  10. dryer duct inspections and cleaning as required
  11. screen doors/window maintenance
  12. general caulking - windows/countertops


Additional costs for all units:

For more information and/or to arrange a visit please see contacts below:


Contact Us

By Mail:

Town Square Manor
ATTN: Life Lease Transfers
55 Pelham Town Square
Fonthill, Ontario
L0S 1E3
By Email:

Peter Greco:

Glen Wurfel: glenwurfel@live.com
By Phone:

Life Lease Transfers:
905 687-6933

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